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Gudauri, at over 2,000 meters above sea level, is situated on the Georgian military road near the Cross Mountain Pass of the main Caucasus range, about 120km from Tbilisi. Even in mild winters, Gudauri offers reliable snow cover from November through April. The total length of groomed ski runs are over 20km and are suitable for all skiers, from beginners to experts. Gudauri is well known for its winter activities and hosts ski and snowboard competitions and sports festivals every year. Gudauri is also a great summer destination, offering bird watching, trekking, horseback riding and rafting.
Gudauri’s slopes are all above tree line. They are ideal for free-riders and are generally considered avalanche-safe. The resort offers exciting long and short runs for all classes of skiers and snowboarders. Gudauri also boasts some of the best heliskiing in the world at some of the most affordable prices found anywhere.
Sitting astride the newly refurbished and historic Georgian Military Highway there can be no better launch pad than Gudauri for explorations of the Greater Caucasus, 12 months of the year.
Modern, newly renovated hotels offer all the facilities for spending unforgettable time. Resort sport schools provide ski instructions for beginners of all ages.
Gudauri frequently hosts local and international skiing competitions.
Only a short drive and even a shorter helicopter flight from Tbilisi Gudauri is spectacular on every level. How to get in GudauriSkiResort.

Country Georgia

Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region

Capital CityGudauri
Languages spokenGeorgian, Ukrainian, English, Russian
Phone Code2455


Located in the very heart of the Caucasus Mountains, surrounded by some of Europe’s most dramatic peaks, Gudauri is a resort for all seasons. Only a short drive – and even a shorter helicopter flight – from Tbilisi, Gudauri is Georgia’s year-round playground. During the ski season, from December to mid-April, Gudauri offers a full workout for all levels of skiers and boarders. True experts will want to sample some of the most challenging off-peak slopes in Europe.

The Skiing

With dozens of slopes, Gudauri has pistes for all levels of skiers and snowboarders. In addition, the surrounding mountains are a haven for cross-country and off-piste skiers. Gudauri’s ski runs are a total of 19 kilometers, with its longest run over 5km in length. Modern three and four-seat chairlifts transport skiers up to the Kudebi Mountain, at over 3,000m high, above the tree line. For experienced skiers Gudauri provides four FIS approved types of run: slalom, giant slalom, super slalom and speed skiing. And being so high up, Gudauri’s snow cover is guaranteed.

Cross Country skiing

The remote valleys and untouched foothills around Gudauri offer exceptional cross-country skiing, just a short distance from Gudauri’s groomed trails and ski lifts. Hiring a guide lets you get the most out of the area and to explore the thrill of fresh virgin snow. Heli-skiing Gudauri has some of the finest high altitude powder in Europe, offering virtually unrestricted access up to 4,200 meters. Our fleets of helicopters transport skiers and their guides to remote peaks for some of the most challenging skiing found anywhere in the world.

Ski School

The Gudauri Ski School offers lessons to beginners of all ages. But even advanced skiers can improve their skiing with a fresh lesson every now and again.

Ski Rental

The rental of new, up to date ski equipment is available in Gudauri through ski schools, local outfitters and hotels.

Rescue and First Aid

All of Gudauri’s ski areas are patrolled by experienced ski rescue and first-aid teams. Emergency helicopter evacuation to Tbilisi is also available.

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About 120km from Tbilisi, the Georgian Military Highway climbs 500m by a series of hairpins up to the ski resort of Gudauri, whose bare hillsides make for Georgia’s best downhill ski runs. These total 16km of varied difficulty (blue, red and black), with good Doppelmayer chairlifts rising from 1990m to 3270m. Normally the ski season lasts from December to March or April, with the best snow in January and February. A one-day lift pass costs from 28 GEL to 33 GEL; ski- or snowboard-gear rental is 25 GEL to 50 GEL. Gudauri also offers good freeriding, and heliskiing.

Downhill Skiing

With dozens of slopes, Gudauri has trails for skiers from beginners to professionals. Ski runs, most between 2 000 and 3 300 meters above sea level, cover a total of 57 kilometers. Three and four-seat Doppelmayer chairlifts transport skiers up to Sadzele Mountain at an elevation of 3 300 meters. For experienced skiers Gudauri provides four types of runs: slalom, giant slalom, super slalom, and speed skiing.

Cross Country skiing

The remote valleys and untouched foothills around Gudauri offer exceptional cross-country skiing possibilities. A short distance from Gudauri’s trails and ski lifts give an opportunity to explore the thrill of virgin snow. Set your own course for adventure with qualified guides


Gudauri has some of the finest high-altitude powder in Europe. Virtually unrestricted access offers downhill skiing up to the 4 200 meter level. Short-run helicopter flights transport skiers and guides to remote peaks for some of the most challenging skiing anywhere in the world.


Currently there are five ropeways at work, designed by “Doppelmayer” company. The lowest lift station is at 1 990 meters above sea level and the top station is at an elevation of 3 300 meter. The first lift (three chairs) is 1 010 meter in length, the second one (four chairs) – 2 310 meter and the third lift (three chairs) is 1 060 meter long. There is one more ski-lift under construction. It will be gondola-type with the length of 2 450 meters.

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Culture and history

There’s nothing better than getting to the top of a ski lift, breathing in the cold, pure air and gazing across the snowy peaks, realizing that you are about to ski down the side of a mighty mountain. Here in Georgia we are lucky enough to have some of the most impressive and highest mountains in Europe, with many peaks in the Caucasus mountain range higher than Mont Blanc. Our snow record is second to none. The skiing is equally impressive and recent, continuing upgrades and investment mean that our traditional resorts of Gudauri and Bukuriani are true international standard while our brand new resort of Mestia will be one of the most advanced resorts in the world. New runs are being opened up each year, but if on-piste isn’t enough for you we are one of the few countries in the world that allows heli-skiing. The opportunities to heli-ski in Georgia are virtually limitless and is probably the most exhilarating thing an advanced skier can do, anywhere in the world. For the best moments of your skiing life, come to Georgia.
Culture and history
Martha's B&B

Martha's B&B

Address 156, Gudauri
Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live More info

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