About us

About Delica Club Georgia

Delica Club Georgia is a modern travel agency based on Inter Georgia Travel. We fuse modern ideas and practical knowledge to create a user friendly and exciting product for our customers.
Our primary goal is to bring your travel experience in Georgia to the next level.
We offer best of both worlds, travelers can use our online services or consult with our travel advisors to choose best plausible travel package.
We have wide variety of fixed packages, such as FIT (individual), group, extreme and mountain tours. We also can tailor unique itineraries that match your needs and interests.
Honesty and transparency – are our fundamental values. We provide our customers with in-depth details about available options and products.
Our readiness to serve our clients in good faith and with high quality is our daily goal.

Our Esteemed Team


CEO and Founder

Kartlos Chabashvili is the CEO and co-founder of Delica Club Georgia. He is responsible for the clubs’s overall vision and strategy as well as day-to-day operations.



He is a backbone of the club. Having a great experience in the field he increases management’s effectiveness by selecting, orienting, motivating, and  counseling managers. He also supervises sales strategy and accomplishes subsidiary objectives by establishing budget of the firm.




Creator of new ideas, and expert communicator. He develops and maintains the company’s public image, and oversees short and long term marketing goals. Also the most handsome guy in the company.



Avid follower of technology. I help businesses create elegant solutions to complex problems whilst maintaining the focus on vision and strategy.